The poll on the project “Apokalypse Münsterland” produced a clear favourite.
Which cultural treasures should be preserved for future generations?
This question formed the basis for the project “Apokalypse Münsterland”. The rock’n’popmuseum participated. 

From last October to December, music fans voted on which exhibit from the rock’n’popmuseum should be sent to the future. There was a choice of six exhibits, and almost 140 people voted in the two months. 
“It is important to know the roots.”
A clear favourite soon emerged: the CAN mixer console received most votes. And they all agreed: this exhibit in particular can give the people of the digital world an insight into the analogue past. One participant commented: “Today’s technology is born from yesterday’s technology. It is important to know the roots.” Musician Joachim Witt also voted and explained why he believed, the mixer console deserved a place in the future: “It was me who commissioned the mixer console. It was designed and custom-built by an expert technician at Conny Plank Studios! It is one-of-a-kind and a real collector’s item. It was state-of-the-art back then. It was built at the beginning of the 80s, and I produced some of my albums together with Rene Tinner with it at Can Studio.” 
The project
In addition to the rock’n’popmuseum, 27 other museums and exhibition venues participated in the regional culture and collaboration project “Apokalypse Münster”, asking people to vote on which cultural objects belong to the future. All winning objects will soon be on show in a mobile exhibition. For more information, please visit: 
https://apokalypse-muensterland.de/ or https://www.instagram.com/apokalypse_muensterland/ 

The project was initiated by Münsterland e. V. and other regional cooperation partners: FH Münster, Department of Architecture (MSA | Münster School of Architecture), BOK + Gärtner GmbH (agency for communication design and scenography) and FabLab Münster by münsterLAND.digital e. V.

More about the project

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